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Psychedelic medicine is a powerful tool that can help fundamentally transform one’s life.  There is a growing interest in the use of this Medicine. Psilocybin mushrooms are now legal in several states and municipalities.The medicine I work with and have the most experience with is psilocybin mushrooms. This medicine is not for everyone. It is an experience that needs to resonate with you and that you feel ready for. Following a comprehensive evaluation, the session is conducted in a safe nurturing environment and with a facilitator present for the entire experience.

Psilocybin mushrooms have deep cultural and spiritual significance. Our ancient ancestors realized the power of hallucinogenic substances, like magic mushrooms, and used them for religious or shamanic purposes as a form of medicine and mind expansion for thousands of years.

Today, there is growing evidence about the powerful properties of psilocybin to heal and expand consciousness often providing amazing healing benefits for spiritual, mental and physical health.

This medicine allows the mind to dissolve and invites you to awaken to a deeper sense of being, into a direct and immediate experience of the Mystery of Life Itself.

There is a saying. “You don’t do the medicine. The medicine does you.” It is my experience that medicine directly connects you to the universal intelligence that lives outside of our normal awareness. An intelligence that supersedes the normal mind chatter we all experience. It is the intelligence of the fabric that holds creation together.

“When we look within ourselves with psilocybin, we discover that we do not have to look outward toward the futile promise of the life that circles distant stars to still our cosmic loneliness. We should look within; the paths of the heart lead to nearby universes full of life and affection for humanity.”

— Terence McKenna, True Hallucinations

It is important that your intentions for doing this medicine be absolutely clear and it is a process that can only happen after several coaching sessions.

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