Most of us have a vision for our lives. Many of us are challenged to make that vision a reality. We all have a desire for a loving relationship, a job, and a career that supports us and allows us to grow personally and professionally. We all want to live a life with intention and purpose. We all need to develop relationships that help us feel connected to a supportive community.  We all want to create meaningful lives that are consistent with the beliefs we hold. Most people have an underlying current running through their lives compelling them to create the change they seek.

For most people, the obstacles to creating that life can seem imposing. Stress, anxiety, depression, uncertainty, self-image, or relationship issues can easily draw our attention away from where we envision our lives could be. We all tend to have the many obligations and demands that come with the lives we are currently living. It can be challenging to find a way out of life’s dilemmas. We all have belief systems developed over our entire life that influence how we see ourselves and in turn shape the lives we live. Often the choices you make are based on those beliefs.

Gary Merel offers the tools needed to create the life you envision. He is an effective catalyst that will help you unravel your life’s dilemmas.  Gary will help you to ignite your innate wisdom enabling you to see a clear path for your life.

Gary’s approach to coaching involves the combination of various coaching modalities. He will help you to create personal ceremonies and practices that will help you manifest the intention and direction to live a purposeful life.

Where appropriate the use of psychedelic medicine could be incorporated into the process of exploring your life’s options. The use of this medicine is a powerful tool that can help a person experience an expanded view of their life and in turn perceive options not otherwise available.

I offer an invitation to explore how to create the life you envision.

Benefits of Engaging a Life Coach

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