Questions to Consider

These questions are intended to start a conversation. They might not all be relevant. They are an invitation to consider things you might not have considered and remember, there is no right or wrong answer.

  • Why is it now important to make the changes in your life you want?
  • How long have you had a compelling need to create that change?
  • Do you have a clear vision of the life you would like to create, and can you articulate it?
  • Is the life you are currently living in alignment with your spiritual beliefs?
  • Can you identify the obstacles that are getting in the way of the change you seek?
  • Are you able to change the way you see your life?
  • What and who are you listening to? That includes the stories you tell yourself as well as criticism from others.
  • Have you taken an inventory of the assets needed to support the change you seek?
  • They include personal assets such as support from family, friends, and work as well as financial resources needed to fund that change.
  • Have you taken an inventory of your liabilities? Those can include the lack of support from family, friends, or work obligations.
  • Are you willing to take a risk for your happiness?

We all know what we know, the challenge is revealing what we don’t know!

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