Will I Be OK?

I have mentioned in several blog posts that I sold my Functional Medicine practice. Here I am 6 months later. That transaction was an amazing example of the intersection of timing, Grace and where I am at this point in my life.

Much of the time I am living in the present moment. Grounded into the moment to moment unfolding of my life. Not getting ahead of myself. In touch with the heart opened presence of life. The Mystery that lives all things. I do have moments where that is clearly not what is happening for me. Sometimes I feel rushed. Pissed off. Triggered. Have eaten way too much. Those are the moments my mind waits for to ambush me. It feels like my mind waits patiently for the perfect moment to pounce. My mind thrives on the moments I am feeling frenzied. What is injected into my awareness is a message that I am not OK. Fear is the fertilizer to keep that the volume of that message well planted. For me, the message with the greatest impact on my sense of well being is that I do not have the financial resources I need to live the life I envision. I will have to live a life of scarcity.

It has taken me years of practice to recognize when this disturbance happens. It has also taken me years to learn how to pause and release the tension that holds that fear in place.

The most two most compelling questions are, why at this point after 69 years of living, would my life stop supporting me? And what do I need to live a comfortable life? How much is enough?

Like everyone else I know, I have had my share of trauma, chaos and challenges. When I reflect back, I can see how my life has supported to me get to where I am. Certainly not a straight line. More line a crazy ass circuitous route of potholes and obstacles. But here I am. In this moment I feel free and unencumbered. I was given an amazing gift. A gift to explore and create what ever I am drawn to. I can now let go of the “need” to earn a living and live a life that not only serves me but serves others.

The list of gifts I have received in this life so far is way too long to mention. Not able to help myself I will only list a few of the more profound gifts. The gift of my daughter. A voice I heard in the Ecuadoran rainforest that directed me quit my job and go to acupuncture school. An intimate connection with two spiritual teachers. Plant medicine and Man Kind Project and the community of men that I am connected to. Truly all gifts of Grace.

The last thing  want to mention in this blog post is the concept of “Lagom”. Pronounced LAH-gum, it is like Sweden’s version of mindfulness but rooted in a collective spirit and moderation. It literally means not too much, not too little, the right amount, and is a philosophy that aims to balance the needs in every area and juncture of everyday life.

Pronounced LAH-gum, it is kind of like Sweden’s version of mindfulness but rooted in a collective spirit and moderation. Lagom roughly translates to “not too little, not too much” or “just enough,” though its full essence goes further than that. Following is the 5 elements of Lagom:

1. Slow down

2. Spend some time in nature

3. Simplify your possessions

4. Try a little fika. (aka coffee break)

5. Focus on the success of the community

Certainly not rocket science. To a large extent your life will ultimately unfold based on where you put your attention. I find these 5 very simple concepts helpful to keep me focused on what is important in my life. I would add 2 more elements. Accountability and integrity. Again. More for another blog post.

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