Can you really speak to God?

On one of my trips to Ecuador, I was relaxing in a hotel room my friend Craig.  Two days prior we had landed in Quito the capital of Ecuador.  A good place to start most trips to visit the country. It was the beginning of a two-week vacation. We were feeling the need to take it easy and acclimate to the high altitude. Quito is at about 10,000 feet. It easy to get altitude sickness. We wanted to take things slowly the first few days so we would not be distracted by any physical discomfort during the rest of the trip. We were traveling into the Andes to spend time with several local shamans and healers as well as to visit Machu Picchu.

We were just hanging out. Talking about where we should eat dinner. Doing nothing out of the ordinary. In that moment I had what I can only call an awakening. My mind dropped away. I found myself in the utter expansiveness and grace of the mystery that lives all things. In that moment I could “see” how God and creation interacted. I could “see” how the vastness of humanity could be touched by the grace of God. Each one of us, all 7.7 billion beings were directly plugged into the creative intelligence of whatever it is that birthed the universe. That connection felt direct and personal.

What was clarified for me, what this “seeing” allowed me to experience was what I can only refer to as the “public interface” of God. This layer of conscious intelligence that sat between what the human mind was capable of experiencing, of comprehending of “understanding” and the unknowable intelligence of this mystery. This conscious intelligence was the mechanism that reflects backs the needs, desires and wants of all sentient beings. The point of co-creation. It doesn’t seem to matter who you are, what you do or what your beliefs are. To a large extent your life is created by your actions and thoughts that are reflected back and manifested by the “public” interface. It is kind of like the operating system of creation itself.  It serves to create and validate your movement through life.

My spiritual teacher would often differentiate between the prior mind and the prior prior mind. The prior mind being what arises prior to the mind of each person. The consciousness that sits behind the human mind. The public interface of God.  What I referred to as the point of co-creation. The prior prior mind is unknowable. It exceeds the capacity of the human mind to comprehend. To say that it is “all knowing” it is a projection of the limitations of human experience. It just is.

I need to stop here. This is even a lot for me to take in. So, to answer my own question. Yes, we can speak to God.

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